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wholesale feed production line Feed uses 6 kinds of methods opportunely

Feb 06, 2018
wholesale feed production line Cut short long fat. Cane of straw, sweet potato, green grass, hay, green vegetables, straw, need to cut short hind ability uses raise to feed domestic animal. The straw that feeds an ox should cut 2~3 centimeter; The green vegetables that feeds a swine cuts 1~2 centimeter; Sweet potato cane makes 1 centimeter or so. General appropriate is short should not be long, cut 3 knives in order to achieve Cun Cao, without makings also the raise of become fat feeds the effect. If have foreign matter, silt,wait want abluent, well sifted. Smash aid digestion. Commissariat (seed bead) , sweet potato, cassava make feed, must smash mill is fed again, with aid digestion. The degree of degree of finish that smash, answer to be decided according to the sort of feed and cultivate birds. Pig, arrogant feed can smash the 1~2 millimeter of medium or thicker grain; Chicken expects answer wear bead pink. After sweet potato, cassava can cut an insolation first, smash again, sweet potato also but beating raise is fed. Immerse made bate. , wheat kind, the feed such as broomcorn, soya-bean cake, a few moment immerse with weak salt boiling water first before had better be being fed, feed again after made bate, save feed already, digest easily again, cultivate birds happy event is fed. Ordinary stuff, water comparing is 1 ∶ 2. Immerse the accident of time, should reach the sort of feed along with season and decide, summertime weather is torrid immerse time appropriate is short, in case feed decay is degenerative. Evaporate boils tone taste. Horsebean, pea and feed of bead of big legume seed, the method that should boil with evaporate machines modulation. Practice makes clear, soja is boiled through evaporate, destroyed soja to fight trypsin mediumly, enhanced dainty sex, rose to digest rate and nutrient value; The effective egg ammonia acid in increasing soja protein at the same time and Guang ammonia are acerbity, increased protein biologic value. But the time that evaporate cooks shoulds not be too long, control for 50 minutes commonly. Bake fry crisp sweet. Bake frying basically is the method of the product of modulation of a kind of treatment that gives piggy filling material. Seed bead feed, especially feed of bead of seed of standing grain corn, after the high temperature forge that passes short time of ℃ of 130 ℃ ~150, among them change of one part starch becomes dextrin, raised amylaceous utilization rate, and can eliminate harmful miscellaneous bacterium, feed is sweet, goluptious, crisp increases appetite, it is good that raise feeds the effect. Ensiling has lasted. Will blue material stores up inside all sorts of cellar, pool, crock, undertake fermenting below condition of oxygen of be disgusted with, make lactic acid. The nurture that can make sure succulence is medium is qualitative, the utilization rate that raises succulence and digestive rate. And it is to adjust succulence busy season and off-season surplus and deficiency, supply is off-season the significant step of feed of viridescence much sweat.

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