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feed production line The egg pledges feed introduces in vain

Feb 06, 2018
feed production line (The machines this kind of cake treatment method of 1) soja cake, earthnut cake, colza cake, cottonseed cake has milling process, top to extract dip formulation and direct dip formulation 3 kinds. Milling process is soja, earthnut, colza, cottonseed the course purifies processing, crunch, evaporate to fry, compress wait for a process, make resid content reduces 6% ~ 7% again cake molar, in order to have raise is used. Carrying the formulation that extract dip on the head is a soja that purifies processing, earthnut, colza, cottonseed compresses first treatment, take out 70% ~ the grease of 80% , organic dissolvent dip extracts reoccupy ethane the rest of grease, but the oil that dip offers 90% above. Direct dip formulation is crush classics of soja, earthnut, colza, cottonseed, evaporate is fried, compress treatment, take out partial oil, reoccupy the grease of remains of organic dissolvent catharsis, cake dregses of rice to be used for raise. The cake that carries the formulation that extract dip and direct dip formulation on the head dregses of rice oil content is low, be in commonly 1% the left and right sides. (2) cottonseed cake goes to poisonous law country medium or small gallinaceous field can use vitriolic ferrous - law of lime leach bubble, its move is as follows above all, according to cottonseed cake (dregs of rice) middle reaches leaves cotton phenolic content (determine beforehand) by free cotton phenol and iron element the weight of 11 is compared join vitriolic and ferrous powder to mix even. Next, fluid of the Qing Dynasty on 1% limewater of % ~ () the cottonseed cake that immerses to already added chalybeate 2 ~ 4 hours (cake and water weight are compared for 1(5 ~ 7)) . Finally, the will wet cottonseed cake that already had immersed mixes together other feed, with wet makings shape feeds chicken or insolation is used for formula feed. Via going when the cottonseed cake burden after poison dosage also should not exceed 20% . (3) colza cake goes poisonous law basically has earth to bury law and vitriolic and ferrous law. Earth buries a law is the hole that digs 1 stere cubage (relief asks dry, exposed to the sun) the straw mat on the shop, add the colza cake that smash water (hole is loaded after cake water immerses than be 11) inside, after two months can raise is used. Vitriolic and ferrous law is to press smash cake is heavy 1% say to take vitriolic ferrous, add water to mix in colza cake, issue evaporate 30 minutes in 100 ℃ next, put to the raise after the drying inside blast sweatbox or insolation to use again. (The treatment of treatment fish meal of 4) fish meal has dry method, wet, indigenous method 3 kinds. The process of production working a way is raw material course evaporate doing, compress, smash, finished product is packed. Wet manufacturing process is raw material course evaporate doing, compress, dry, smash pack. Dry, wet fish meal quality of production is good, apply to mass production, but investment fee is big. Indigenous method production has insolation law, stoving law, water to boil a law 3 kinds. The process of insolation law is be soiled of salt of raw material classics, insolation, crocus. Production is salty fish meal, without exorbitant lukewarm disinfection, not wholesome. The quantity that contain salt is in commonly 25% the left and right sides. The process of stoving law is raw material classics stoving, molar and into. Salt can be not added in raw material, finished product fish meal contains salt the quantity is inferior, before quality is compared one kind slightly good. The process of the water law that boil is water of raw material classics is boiled, insolation or drying, crocus. This law passes high temperature to disinfect because of raw material, quality is better.

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