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feed production line The cost in feed process and analysis of specific power consumption reach control

Feb 27, 2018
feed production line Feed machines the cost control in the process, it is to be in economic ground to choose craft parameter and the case that decide technical economic norms reasonably to fall, pass aggrandizement management, operate management to maintain management and technical administration especially, raise product quality and yield further, decrease loss and reduce specific power consumption to come true. Operation management, the requirement chooses through economic ground and decide reasonably already optimal smash discharge smashs granuality and sieve aperture size enter the makings in makings order and sky to measure the craft parameter such as optimum mixture time and technical economic norms, implementation operation manages normative rationalize, ask to handle level of management through farther aggrandizement again, control and reduce raw material loss, reduce dust loss, carry high yield to go out rate, implementation high yield gives low cost. Reduce raw material loss, want to handle management strictly, strengthen the metric record of raw material of pair of factory of pass in and out and product, make the raw material that take a plant machines an amount to leave factory product three all ready and accurate. 2 should improve craft standard hard, perfect specifications, implementation is automatic and metric mix into machine raw material a machine product. 3 want timely choice and treatment to actor or actress tall poison of valence cheap nutrition measures raw material of low moisture content of small little foreign matter character. 4 should do well sealed, put an end to run risk a leakage, be controlled effectively and reduce raw material loss. Dust creates feed waste not only, increase loss, and the body and mind that affects a worker is healthy, pollute an environment, accelerate wear away, the service life that shorten. To metric, affect metric precision, destroy sensitivity to electric, destroy insulation property, block up comes loose hot. Dust still can bring detonate to light, the life that gives people and belongings bring severe loss. So, must be opposite and conduit undertakes airtight processing, eliminate dust origin to strengthen dust control, sufficient wind of accurate wind force of dot wanting this world is divided to dirt strengthen sweep, purify an environment. In the meantime, had done those who attract wind white to reclaim even use, make make the best use of everything, reduce loss further.

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