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feed production line suppliers Feed mill dust control introduction

Feb 27, 2018
feed production line suppliers Zhang Wei (science of animal of Wuhan industry institute and nutrient engineering courtyard, dust control of feed-processing plant of Hubei Wuhan summary is one of important auxiliary working procedure in feed mill. The article elaborated feed mill to produce a workshop to remove dust the meaning of wind network system and importance, introduced purpose of the form of dust control, design. . . Dust control of summary feed-processing plant is one of important auxiliary working procedure in feed mill. The article elaborated feed mill to produce a workshop to remove dust the meaning of wind network system and importance, purpose of the form that introduced dust control, design and content, remove dust the problem in reaching a system to design, to remove dust the design of wind network system is mixed choose provide reference. Workshop of production of keyword feed factory removes dust purpose of design of wind net form and content problem Feed Factory Production Workshop Ventilation DustZhang Wei(School Of Animal Nutrition Science And Engineering Wuhan Polytechnic University Wuhanchina)Abstract Feed Processing Plant Dust Ventilation Is Feed Plant Important Auxiliary Process Of. This paper expounds the dust control system in feed mill system of meaning and significance introduces the ventilation dust form design purpose and content dust removal equipment and system design issues as dust ventilation system design and equipment selectionwords feed mill production workshop dust filter systems form design objective and content equipment problem Si Liao Jia Gong Chang Tong Feng Chu Chen Shi Si Liao Chang Zhong Zhong Yao De Fu Zhu Gong Xu Zhi Yi . Ventilated it is to point to to clean air is introduced inside pair of yard place or work space, replace the contaminative airy technology with higher dust content. Ventilated cent is nature ventilated and artificial and ventilated. Removing dust is to point to will contain dirt air medium or the dust of object surface undertakes depart, catch collect, cleared technology. Should say dust control is medium ventilated it is a method, removing dust is a purpose. So, the technology of dust control is the step with the most significant dust that reduces work environment. [Form of 1]1 dust control [the dust control system in 2] small and medium sized business, be called ventilated network or abbreviation wind net normally. Wind net has two kinds of forms one kind is, a machine or an aspiration dot configure machine of a dust catcher, one typhoon to undertake suction wind alone, this calls alone wind the net; Another kind is, the machine of stage or two two above or aspiration dot are operable an a dust catcher, fanner undertakes suction wind, this calls concentration wind net. The machine that decides the principle of form of alone wind net has one of following requirements or suck a dot to use the air containing dirt with epispastic ① of alone wind net to must do alone processing aptly; ② absorbs wind force the requirement is accurate and often must adjust; ③ need wind force is larger; ④ machine itself takes fanner oneself; Need to suck wind to may incorporate without other near ⑤ suck the machine of wind or attract a particle. Two when do not accord with afore-mentioned either conditions or the machine of two above or attract a particle, should use concentration wind net. Of course, of the high demand as environmental protection and bag type dust catcher be perfected increasingly and miniaturization, the wind net form of medium and small businesses is developing to alone, local direction. On the technology that attracts wind to remove dust in every need namely, not only bring fan oneself, and take dust catcher oneself, on the spot purifies the air that contain dirt, or will contain dirt air preliminary the loop after purifying is used. Such, center wind net the malady of the sort of conduit freely across is nonexistent. The assorted principle that centers wind net is in an a few ministry machines or when combination suction a particle centers wind net into, should take care of below 4 principles. The character likeness of.1 epispastic content combines the dust that inhales in same wind net inside each namely, should similar on character. The craft job of each machine is different, they send out the dirt that come out, different also on character and value. Produce a workshop in feed mill for example preliminary the dirt that when clearing, forms is marl, sandy soil, magnetic metal mostly, use value lesser; And the dust that produces when later period clears, contain the organic sex dirt such as a few chaff, Mai Pi and broken grain bead, it is a few valuable by-product. So around clears of the process suck wind, should part as far as possible furnish, so that make,epispastic content is collected respectively. .2 working hours is same the working hours that assembles each machine in same wind net should be same, can make the bear of fanner stable so. Go up in same wind net to undertaking working machine can be received alternately each other, but their wind force should be identical. Setting of.3 wind canal wants reasonable and simple, specific content to include wind canal to answer as far as possible perpendicular lay, to necessary horizontal wind canal, should install sweep aperture airtightly. To dust and the dirt source with accrete lunt, should configure dust catcher directly as far as possible sucking fan housing upper part, make dust, lunt enters dust catcher through perpendicular canal. It is advisable that the included angle of 3 canals uses 30° , 45° commonly. Should install appropriately on the canal flashboard and the wind force regulating unit such as butterfly a powerful person. . Wind canal is general should bright set, cannot hamper footpath and operation, below the requirement that does not increase investment, also should take care of the exterior orderly, beautiful. Fanner of.4 fanner postposition should be decorated commonly after dust catcher (inspiratory type) , in order to reduce dust to fanner wear away; Decorate when fanner before dust catcher (type of calm sb's anger) when, should choose the fanner that discharge dirt. Of course above 4 principles are mutual contradiction sometimes. So, balance weight, comprehensive consideration answers when be being designed. To more complex case, can draft plan of a few combination undertakes contrasting analytic, decide most the network combination with the soundest economy. When setting wind network, still must notice wind net total wind force shoulds not be too big, dot suction wind is unfavorable and too much, go to the lavatory with making adjust and move reliable. The conduit of net of.1 alone wind is compared commonly short and simple, network of unlike concentration wind is intricate in that way. The wind force of net of.2 alone wind adjusts easily and control. And in centering wind net, when some machine or the suction that attract a particle wind force happening changes when, will affect the other machine in the network or the wind force that absorb a dot, it is more difficult to adjust. Net of.3 alone wind often because wind force is less and used small-sized fanner and dust catcher, opposite ground occupied an area more and make arrangement more difficult, and small-sized electromotor efficiency is inferior, wasteful. Center wind net to often keep watch a lot of machines with the volume is minor and adjacent position or combination suction a particle is together, be used up in motivation and invest a respect to contrast economy. The design purpose of 2 dust control and content [the purpose that ventilated network designs 2] design purpose basically is to want to finish two such tasks to decide each of the measure that Duan Feng provides and entire network obstruction. The wind canal with appropriate measure just can make sure each machine has absorb wind force certainly, make air maintains the speed that presses a regulation to move in conduit. In the meantime, air been flowinging conduit and all sorts of when, can encounter resistance, these obstruction must be calculated come out, choose appropriate fanner next, make its produce enough pressure to overcome these resistance. Such, the wind force talent that machine place needs gets assuring, ability achieves dustproof goal. .1 is mixed according to the craft inside the workshop manufacturing characteristic, correctly estimation dust sends out source, send out degree and send out dust property, how does the decision adopt dustproof measure. According to the design the principle determines the assorted shape of wind net correctly, undertake assorted reasonably, decorate, the network that draws a computation to use by space, planar relative position pursues (the axis measures graph or sketch map) . .2. Decide what machine or place of spot suction wind need to suck wind force and wind resistance. . The air current speed inside the canal of wind speed wind in deciding wind is in charge of presses following principle not to make dust is inside horizontal wind canal certainly deposit, cause wind canal to jam; Do not be in charge of because of wind inside wind speed is exorbitant and the motivation that makes the system moves is used up increase. Inside the range that holds 10 ~ 15m/s in the wind speed in the wind canal of the feed-processing plant normally. The wind canal with small diameter should take lesser wind speed, the wind canal with big diameter is desirable higher wind speed, can consult next watches are chosen. Additional, manage medium wind speed to longer horizontal wind, should on the high side a few. Draw near the wind speed in the total wind canal of fan should be wind net in highest.

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