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feed production line factory What does grain feed include?

Feb 27, 2018
feed production line factory Grain feed treatment includes to smash commonly, agitate, make bead 3 parts. Smash partial main effect is, the bead makings such as fabaceous Hu smashs treatment becomes farinaceous material, include individual report disintegrator, muti_function hammer piece disintegrator, ungual type disintegrator, water efficient disintegrator, a variety of model such as large disintegrator and soya-bean cake disintegrator reach norms. Individual report disintegrator uses 220V individual phone, hour crop is in kilogram. Muti_function hammer piece disintegrator is each medium or small type of feed mill first selection, suitable scope is wide, efficiency is tall, crop is big, hour crop is in commonly kilogram, - 15KW electric machinery. Of ungual type disintegrator smash the principle cuts pattern for Jian, reason can smash finer stock, but manufacturing efficiency is low, hour crop is in commonly kilogram, - 11KW electric machinery. Large disintegrator is large and medium-sized feed mill institute is used, crop is big, efficiency is tall, but specific power consumption is big also, hour crop is in kilogram, - 37KW. Water efficient disintegrator is new-style and energy-saving product, smash the water that the form outdoor falls as follows, sift a bag part is large, manufacturing efficiency is tall, identical crop compares other disintegrator section report 10-20% . Soya-bean cake disintegrator is to smash technically of soya-bean cake, can smash the soya-bean cake of diametical φ600 millimeter is whole, hour crop is in kilogram.

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