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feed production line factory The craft of clear miscellaneous problem in feed designs processing

Mar 22, 2018
feed production line factory In feed treatment process, raw material clears is very important segment. If smooth canal jams,working procedure does not perfect what what cause, makings road not free, carry idling, disintegrator to sift a phenomenon with attaint of granulator tool set or puncture to happen from time to tome. Want to avoid afore-mentioned appearances, the following notices in be being designed with respect to working procedure of Ying Zaiqing manage. 1 reasonable design and sieve of bar of use bar sieve are installed commonly receiving makings mouth part, it is to clear the first link of working procedure. Because its are formed too simple, often be ignored the most easily. Bar sieve design should consider to choose reasonable bar above all unoccupied place. The size of bar sieve clearance depends on the geometrical dimension of stock to decide commonly. To, farinaceous deputy makings and paddy corn, the sieve is unoccupied place should be in 3 centimeters of less than, dregs of rice to oil kind, the sieve is unoccupied place should be in 3 - 5 centimeters between. In the meantime, in use answers a sieve unoccupied place undertake fixed, what should go out to sifting manage is big miscellaneous undertake keeping clear of in time. Such ability achieve the goal that preliminary sieve manages effectively. 2 answer in craft because the level carries cost,reasonable arrangement level is carried low, carry efficiency tall, and structure simple, in be being used at feed to machine craft widely consequently. But because use the position undeserved, its fault rate is corresponding also taller. Commonner is sift bar preliminary the stock classics after clearing wrings dragon or scraper is carried directly to promotion machine. Because stock passes bar,the sieve clears together program, a lot of shorter rope made of hemp, lesser gunny-bag piece reach other a few impurity, be twined very easily or block a level to carry, cause these use loss of efficiency, weigh a burn down electric machinery, cause certain pecuniary loss. Accordingly, in technology design, should avoid to carry the level as far as possible put in the advancement of clear, magnetic separation goes first use. Best classics smooth canal sends the stock of next hopper to promotion machine directly. Such but will because of big miscellaneous lower lowermost rate to carrying the effect that cause. 3 reasonable choose first clear canister is to clear at the beginning of the craft parameter of clear canister of link main. The rope made of hemp that it uses in cleared stock, gunny-bag piece, block, mud piece sundry, of its craft parameter choose to clearing the effect is having immediate effect. The following problems should note in be designed to what Qing Dynasty sifts first and be chosen. . This condition can install valve to achieve a goal through feeding blast tuyere upper part. . Normally, of the transportation of the working procedure before the processing capability that sifts in designing parameter should be compared convey ability tall 30 % left and right sides. In the design, the attention undertakes to afore-mentioned parameter reasonable choose, can improve the work efficiency of the sieve effectively. 4 magnetic separation implement reasonable the impurity such as the Tie Ding of the interfuse in choosing feedstuff, bolt, nut, Xiaotie piece, the disintegrator that runs to high speed and granulator harm are the greatest. Make gently sift bottom puncture, damage tool set and burn down electric machinery again. Reasonable positional setting is very important. The magnetic separation that in the design middling chooses has two kinds, one kind is pipe magnetic separator, another kind is rotary magnet separator. Former volume is minor, cover an area of an area very small also, use up without motivation, demagnetization effect is relatively ideal also. But apply to the pink with geometrical lesser dimension, light makings only. And adsorptive metallic eyewinker needs to keep clear of regularly artificially. The photograph is taller than latterer cost, volume is larger, but bigger to geometrical dimension cake dregses of rice, the stock such as the branny bran that appropriate agglomerates as much applicable. Although motivation is used up, but but the metallic eyewinker of automatic and seasonable cleared adsorption. The exalted place setting that plants in flow is more applicable. But the limitation that waits for an element in view of area of capital, workshop in lesser feed plant design, cheap and fine pipe magnetic separator than more commonly used. Magnetic separation implement before the positional arrangement in flow is   , disintegrator, such but the metallic impurity in effectively purify grain raw material, avoid its to be caused to disintegrator damage. . Can prevent and cure effectively so the metallic impurity of the interfuse in having deputy makings raw material enters granulator to be caused to tool set damage. . This method is not commonly used in technological process design, but to purify without first the metallic eyewinker in clear deputy makings raw material, improving the quality that reachs feed of safeguard finished product further thereby is very necessary.

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