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feed production line factory Multilayer round oscillatory dryer changes feed is medium reasonable applying in Peng

Mar 22, 2018
feed production line factory Stoving is one of the most important process that Peng changes feed to machine. Just changed from Peng airplane is crowded the feed grain moisture content that go out is very high, achieve 22% above, must after pioneer of drying of form a complete set divides the moisture of 10% above to be handled via refrigeration again, ability makes sure its achieve eligible product quality. The drying that at present domestic Peng turns the form a complete set in machine feed treatment uses conveyer belt and chain more board box type dryer. This type all is horizontal structure, cover an area of an area big, cost is high, majority builds workshop to still rely on an entrance. In the meantime, still exist in actual production specific power consumption of drying of muscularity of motor-driven of wind of form a complete set is tall, ton makings evaporate steam consumption amounts to 500kg above, and sieve (net) aperture jams wait for a problem, increase Peng to influence the finished cost of feed apparently, affect its to popularize application. To change this one condition, the author comes to nearly 10 years apply on produce drying treatment all the time, what obtain favorable result and have efficient and energy-saving characteristic is homebred and multilayer round oscillatory dryer, attempt application changes feed treatment to go up in Peng, get better result. The article closes the design issue that exists in manage application with respect to this, offer the view of a few shallow, consult for person of the same trades. Multilayer application of round oscillatory dryer changes feed treatment to go up in Peng, stoving system by multilayer heat exchanger of air door of round oscillatory dryer, attune, vapour, air-blower, bring dust catcher of fan, tornado to reach shut wind implement wait for composition, see a picture 1. The technology that this system designs is crucial, it is multilayer the reasonable design of principle of structure of round oscillatory dryer, the 2 logical choices that are parameter of stoving wind net. Existing and multilayer oscillatory dryer has the circle to be exported into makings mouth, coping, waste gas commonly, multilayer entrance of stoving bed, sirocco, piece makings mouth, stimulate brace up dish, isolation spring, stimulate brace up the composition such as electric machinery and frame. And multilayer stoving bed by inside, outside breaker plate of short cylinder, cricoid level and block the composition such as makings board. Breaker plate of every cricoid level leaves have a stuff mouth, and be in join when the flange of canister of inside and outside of each bed, on, lower level gives makings opening position to stagger, make the stock of an exit can fall into below one entrance, after waiting for stoving stock to be entered from top layer till most lower level eduction. At present dryer of domestic this type already had series product, ~ , set 5 commonly, its crop reachs water classify to differ somewhat because of breed of set number, stock, 100kg/h differs to 2000kg/h. When the job, use crisscross installation to be in lead plane is lower two are stimulated brace up electric machinery synchronism is retrorse circumgyrate, make configure what go up in its is multilayer bed of round oscillatory drying arises up shaking force and circle stoving bed center anticlockwise direction rotates torque, force to enter the stock that takes makings mouth, make anticlockwise circumferential jumping come along breaker plate carrying a layer on the head give makings opening, getting on to give makings opening is namely below one present makings opening, chase a motion, whereabouts so, go out till ground floor makings. In the process that hops along each breaker plate in stock from the top down, hot air arrives by air inlet among inside after canister space, from most below two inside the mouth of bobbin wall is entered, perpendicular cross makings layer for many times, fill dispenses stock to contact, undertake damp and hot is exchanged, the damp after exchange has the waste gas that is set on coping to export eduction, the stoving process of the stock that finish. As a result of the strong action of oscillatory force, heat up the stock of wind energy and jumping to be contacted adequately, exchange of damp and hot is accelerated, stoving effect is better, bad news of report, heat energy is inferior, this is this kinds of the biggest advantage. Take on what Peng changes feed drying job is multilayer round oscillatory dryer, with use at produce commonly the texture of utility of single stock drying differs somewhat. Peng changes feed breed much, its grain size also differs as a result of the breed of fish, pet and diameter of different, general grain is in 1~24mm, grain size difference is very big, be opposite consequently dryer, want to enhance ability of the drying when producing big grain already, the beyond the mark drying that should avoid to produce little grain product again and blow run phenomenon. In addition, impure, pollution remains when avoiding a product to change even and affect the exterior quality of the product. The basis is multilayer the structure of round oscillatory dryer and principle, should add up to it on the treatment that manage application turns feed in Peng, the crop that must solve this to get used to different breed, grain size matchs (namely stoving ability) , the problem such as the remain inside sirocco allocation, machine and stoving uniformity, it is multi-purpose, good to accomplish one machine with reach energy-saving. For this, the author basically has the consideration of following respect in using a design. Crop matchs to allocate   of problem     with sirocco machine, 5, produce when the biggest control in 2000Kg. Taiwan of this stoving confidential form a complete set some company SEP-200 wet splash is changed machine, produce when amount to 2t-3t, give machine grain moisture to amount to 22% above. The parameter such as the stoving quantity of heat that according to stoving parameter computation decides, wind force and stoving layer area, with what this company first wife covers dryer of catenary board box type concerns the discovery after parameter is comparative, crop slants small, and the wind speed that sirocco crosses makings layer is too big also, next what can affect the stock inside makings layer is normal falling and cause jam. For this, , bed layer increases to by 5 9, solved the problem that this crop slants to match smally effectively thereby. Additional, set before in what count by next upgrade 1, 2 the canister inside the layer is mural instead of 2 sirocco mouth 3 air inlet, set in respectively the 1st, 5, the; on walls of 9 the canister inside the layer and set in top layer (namely the 9th) the onefold layer waste gas on cover board exports instead 2, set in respectively the 3rd, on walls of 7 the canister outside the layer. Such, enter inside the sirocco inside the canister divides 4 is enter from the 1st air inlet, cross the 2nd, after layer of 3 breaker plate, makings, by eduction of mouth of the 3rd waste gas, 3 be enter from the 5th air inlet, cross the 6th, after layer of 7 breaker plate, makings, by; of eduction of mouth of the 7th waste gas 4 be enter from the 9th air inlet, cross the 9th, after layer of 8 breaker plate, makings, by eduction of mouth of the 7th waste gas, make sirocco divides a road to cross makings layer obstruction to agree basically so, reduce the sirocco wind speed that waits for stoving stock layer substantially thereby, the suspension speed that makes stoving wind speed falls to change feed grain to the smallest Peng is the following, solved stoving wind speed already exorbitant and cause little grain to play the problem that run, raised sirocco utilization rate significantly again, reduced specific power consumption. After improving multilayer diagram of appearance of round oscillatory dryer sees a picture 2.   of   of problem of the remain inside machine is current, home is general and multilayer round oscillatory dryer goes to the lavatory simply to make make, breaker plate all is a level cricoid structure. The size that changes feed as a result of Peng is lesser, the product after general drying is - / M3, the appearance of grain of same breed feed also is put in certain difference, add 2 vibration of breaker plate, a few feed exist to remain inside machine when making Peng changes feed to be changed in manufacturing breed, hard serum drainage, cause feed to change time lengthen, and when wanting to begin the 2nd breed to produce by the agreement with miscellaneous incomplete of the first breed 15-20kg stock eduction, new Peng is changed, affect crop and quality thereby. Accordingly, structure of reasonable design breaker plate became instinct to deny the serious problem that applies to Peng to change feed to machine craft. ° , the problem remains inside the machine that better land disappear exists besides this type thereby. Peng of influence big grain changes feed drying quality and   of uniformity problem   homebred and multilayer the from the top down of stoving thickness of bed that two blemish with inherent working hours of round oscillatory dryer are bed layer attenuates gradually, make grain shortens in the retention period inside machine, and cause easily jam into makings mouth; 2 it is the way that breaker plate of edge of the stock inside bed layer makes different and circumferential contrail (namely circumference) different, athletic time is put in difference, inner ring fast outer lane is slow, layer upon layer overlay, the circumferential contrail that makes stock differs because of going in the retention period inside machine produces very big difference, affect stock drying quality and uniformity thereby. In prototype test, the influence that we discover to these blemish change feed drying quality and uniformity to big grain Peng especially serious. For this, we were adopted below two improve measure was to improve top layer (namely the 9th) pass an imperial examination is entered 8 layers, the structure that gives makings opening, before from fall to reach the summit only into makings mouth the tall wet Peng of the layer changes grain, cent arrives into 2 even whereabouts the 8th, 9 go up into makings mouth, via the stoving action with strong bed of this two layer, make grain surface layer rapid and sclerotic, the tall wet Peng that this reduced to just gave a model already changes what feed arises easily to be out of shape, improved product exterior quality, improved wet grain to be inside machine again begin a few fluidity, avoided those who present makings opening to jam problem. Arrive via the feed of drying of two layer bed after giving makings opening, the assemble goes to the 7th, chase a whereabouts from this, increased the thickness of bed of follow-up drying bed apparently, lengthen feed the retention period inside machine. 2 was to change bed of 1~7 layer drying to give makings mouth seat, get on the outer lane that bed of 1~7 layer drying gives makings mouth to be set in breaker plate, take wide in part of chamfer of stoving bed layer, and the stock that relies on inside motion by one inclined board the side outside guiding gives makings opening inside, the stock that makes inside and outside takes different group mixes when giving makings mouth to fall, at the same time inclined board stop decelerate action to walking along the stock of inner ring to also have, solved this inherent blemish thereby problem of bad to stoving quality and stoving uniformity influence. Parameter of stoving wind net chooses to should pass iteration stoving parameter computation, determine needs stoving quantity of heat, wind force, are the vapour heat exchanger with ability right choice, air-blower and model of the engine that bring wind SRZ12X7D respectively, 4? 72? 6D and 4? 72? 8C. What should point out is, before, hind the fan that 2 class establish ties matchs surely, when the choice, class brings wind confidential to have bigger have more than needed after, such ability make dryer is in respectively into, exit generation is larger with slight negative pressure wind, avoid dust to fly upwards, the tall wet feed that also ensured firm Peng is changed at the same time has enough air cooling, make skin of this feed grain rapid and sclerotic, reduce grain to be out of shape. In addition, still can avoid groovy dryer imports and exports to installation shuts fan and create broken bead problem. What design according to afore-mentioned plan is multilayer round oscillatory dryer, already parted in April 2001 at was being reached in September 1999 in suitable heart two Peng change feed plant investment to use, one many year the actual production of above assesses a proof, multilayer round oscillatory dryer changes feed in Peng tripartite area advantage is being had on treatment application is energy-saving, the manufacturing cost that makes Peng changes feed is reduced apparently, according to measuring, ton feed oily bad news, power consumption all compares dryer of catenary board type low 30% above; 2 it is stoving quality tall, the appearance is good, suffer breed door greeting; 3 it is managing investment cost, the investment that can reduce stoving system is close 3 into, decorate at the same time agile, convenient, use operation is simple, the job is reliable, fault rate is low.

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